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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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have a look at your bridges. your news. your community. and we're putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. gum monday morning. welcome to "10news this morning" am i am allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. a big win for the bucs. >> and an investigation into a deadly and tragic tour bus crash. early voting kicks off today, the same day that donald trump >> 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live. both candidates are going to be in tampa bay this week? >> reporter: absolutely. donald trump at the florida state fairgrounds later tonight and hillary clinton will be here on wednesday in hillsborough county. so both of these candidates feeling very good about their chances here in florida and they fight for your vote. they are paying attention to florida for good reason. did you know that your vote
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according to the website 538, a vote cast in florida is actually worth 2.5 times more than votes cast in another part of the country. that means that we really could have the power to choose the next president. the same website says florida has a 1 in 5 chance of being the tipping point. >> it means my vote, my voice is going to be heard. >> obviously, there is we have had over 37% of our mail ballots have already been returned, which is ahead of 2014 general election and well ahead of 2012. >> reporter: every county will open their select locations for early voting today, and those locations are going to open at 7 a.m. you might be wondering, well, when is donald trump going to be here today? his speech is going to happen right here at the fairgrounds at 7:00 tonight.
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amphitheater actually are gonna open at 4:00. back to you guys. trump continues campaigning in florida and hillary clinton will be in hillsborough county on wednesday. later today she has a rally with senator elizabeth warren in new hampshire. she blasted donald trump at a rally in charlotte. >> he refused to say that he would respect the results of our election. so and, you know, we just got to keep going. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. so in terms of the polls, pivotal states are flipping away from trump including the usually read state of texas. the latest cbs battleground tracker shows trump leading by three points. clinton leads by three points here in florida. this is a tragic story. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a tour
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the california highway patrol says 13 people were killed, including the bus driver. another 31 were hurt. it happened in palm springs 100 miles east of los angeles. a survivor told police most of the passengers were sleeping at the time. of the crash. >> that bus is halfway into that trailer. that's only half of the bus you're seeing. that's a high rate of speed or a stopped truck on the road. >> the bus was heading back to l.a. from a in year and no mechanical issues were noted. the national transportation safety board is sending a team to california to investigate. a wild story out of miami this morning. eight people are recovering after police say a car slammed into a church during sunday morning services. thankfully, no one was directly hit by the car. those hurt were sitting in the pews next to where the car hit and are expected to be okay.
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and we heard a loud noise. i thought it was a bomb and everybody is going out the church. >> the pastor of the church says the driver was able to walk away from the crash and the driver told him he was trying to avoid another car that turned onto the road but didn't stop for on coming traffic. tensions are high in north dakota between police and protesters. over the weekend 80 were arrested for trespassing. re demonstrating at a dakota access pipeline construction site. some got violent. two officers were hurt trying to arrest them. the protests were getting so out of hand police had to call for help. gas prices continue to fall. experts say gas prices usually follow downward trends through the end of the year. florida prices will not dramatically drop unless oil
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gallon of unleaded is 2.22, state's average is 2.25 and in the bay area 2.19. 6:05 is the time. if you are looking for a job there is a job fair today at the seminole hard rock hotel and casino. more than 200 jobs are up for grabs from servers, marketing jobs and security. head to the hard rock today between 11:00 and 2:00 afternoon. the tampa bay bucs have a treat going on. they won big sunday on the road taking on the 49ers. >> we like to see that. it was a come-from-behind win, too. the 49ers were up in the first quart. the bucs scored 27 unanswered points on their way to a win. and this is something that you don't see very often in the nfl. the seattle seahawks and the arizona cardinals made history
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so the came gent into ot -- game went ot. both kickers missed field goals in overtime. final sore 6-6. it officially tied for the lowest scoring tied game in history. how about that? and one of the cardinals players said 200 games including playoffs, this is the craziest game i have ever taken part in. that's wild. we have been enjoying that cooler weather for the past couple of days. it is already snowing in s we will look at that coming up in a few minutes. and yoga pants on parade. the message these women want to send. and medical marijuana is a huge issue in the upcoming election. coming up at 6:30 we will talk about why it could mean more people moving to the state if amendment 2 passes. 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands. join us at "10news at 11" for a
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tickets to the game. good luck. it is 6:07 on your monday. here's your bridge update. a disabled vehicle on the sunshine skyway bridge in the southbound lanes. you can see it here. it's just at that north rest area near the north fishing pier. it's not causing any traffic problems but it is in the shoulder. so just a heads up. drive time is 17 minutes down to 75 in manatee county and the howard frankland bridge is picking up a little bit in the northbound direction coming into tampa along 275. your drive time is still normal, so it's just about six minutes to cross. ashley. all right. and you can leave the umbrellas as you are heading out the door this morning. we won't be tracking showers for several days, but we will be watching those thermometers start to rise. it gets pretty warm and some areas could even see near 90- degree temperatures later in the week . i will have that
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing
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proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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welcome back. time is 6:11 this monday morning. a fire in upstate new york. want to show you what crews were up against when they got there over the weekend. you see the flames right there. the people inside got out safely. >> we had to get them into the other barn. we were moving animals as quick as we could. >> the barns are replaceable. it's going to make a lot more work for the next couple of months in this financially hard time that's already in the dairy industry. >> two farms nearby say they are willing to help. the family has insurance and
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under investigation. we are starting to really enjoy those cooler fall temperatures here in tampa bay, but some parts of the country, look at this, it's a lot more like winter. this looks like the middle of winter. this is vermont. it's from the bolton valley ski resort. in that area they are happy about this. they got nine inches of snow over the weekend. they are happy because early snowfall especially -- they are happy about the early snowfall because they had to push back opening day >> it will come back with a vengeance for opening day in november. >> they are hoping for a few more inches of snow. it wasn't just snow in the northeast. high winds came and they knocked out power to a few thousand people. >> the folks were just ready for the stuff and they were able to do snowboarding and have a little bit of fun. >> nine inches in october. a parade in rhode island
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no floats. no marching bands. instead it had women in yoga pants. >> they were marching because men had written a newspaper shaming women who wore yoga pants over the age of 20. women of all ages sported their favorite pair and they had a yoga session afterward. the man said that what he meant was a joke. he said he meant it light lie. >> in the women in yoga pants to men wearing speedos to the grocery store. >> this had so many people talking. >> what? >> so many people talking. folks all over the country, folks from the u.k. wrote in and said we can't be there but we want to show support for you. we have to check in with hilary. we have a couple of issues to talk about on this monday morning. >> it has been busy. two major accidents earlier this morning on the gandy
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expressway. those have cleared but now monday morning is still just as busy. let's start in pinellas county. there is an accident in st. petersburg. this one was just reported along haines road and it is right near 60th avenue north. you do have a lane blocked there. now, southwest of there in kenneth city there is a crash here blocking one lane eastbound on 54th avenue north, and this is just after 68th street north. so give yourself a little extra time there. you se in hillsborough county you can see that i-4 is looking a lot better after an accident just about 20 minutes ago. it was blocking three lanes and only one lane was getting by in the westbound direction at mlk boulevard. nine minutes from 75 to 275. as we go live we see speeds are looking better and traffic hasn't picked up just yet. so i-4 back to normal as you head into tampa. let's go back to our maps and check out polk county. now, there haven't been any
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if you are traveling around the lakeland area we haven't picked up along bartow road or florida avenue. you can see polk parkway is at 57 miles per hour near florida avenue. and 15 minutes from polk parkway to 75 in tampa. good morning to you sarasota and manatee counties. i am keeping a close eye along i-75. we haven't picked up there. u.s. 41 is taking you 22 minutes, and that's from university parkway to 275 in ellington. if road send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will help you with any traffic questions you have. email me @road warrior at thanks, hilary. off to a great start this morning. looking at our radar right now things are quiet. we don't expect anything in the way of showers and certainly no thunderstorms in our forecast. in fact, for the next several days we are gonna be quiet.
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not much else going on. a lot of blue skies today. look at these numbers. gorgeous. 54 carrollwood, 61 tampa, 57 in clearwater, and even some upper 40s, 49 in crystal river. so cool if you are heading out the door in the nature coast. but everybody's gonna warm up a good bit as we head through the day today. so high pressure centered to the north. that's gonna keep any rain chances at bay for us. it's not until that moves off to the east that we start to see more of an easterly wind will be bringing in enough moisture to, first off, warm us up a little bit during the morning. we are not going so ethe crisp cool days -- going to see those crisp cool days much longer. our futurecast here again you can see those northeast winds. it's not until we head towards the second half of the week that we see a little bit more of an easterly component there and that's when we start to see that humidity making a slow comeback.
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those dew points still in the 50s. as long as we stay in this range, we will be off to some nice great starts to your morning. we will get crisp cool air in here, but it heats up a little bit more efficiently. that's why we are seeing the big range of temperatures. the second half of the week the numbers start to creep up. so we get slightly higher humidity levels back in the works. the big thing that is going to change as far as our forecast goes, those morning temperatures because we can't fall below the dew point. so it keeps things a bit warm side. high of 82 in tampa. lots of bright sunshine in the forecast. looking great with a warm weekend ahead. we have to pay the price for last weekend. this time around it will be a good bit warmer out there with highs in the upper 80s. 88 on saturday. there probably be a few communities that tend to run a little bit warmer that you could flirt with 90 degrees as we look ahead to the weekend, but even with that our rain
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20% this weekend. catch us on mack i can 94.9 and the duv 105.5, 16.9 fm and 92.5 maxima. we are looking at some of the most hottest holiday items. also, this story. firefighters. what they found when they responded to this deadly fire. also, a company gets the green light to make a unique invention for astronauts. we will tell you about that coming up in a few minutes. and remember to take us with you as you head out the door this morning by downloading our 10news app. get your forecast, the top stories, and check the roadways, too. download 10news wtsp from your app store now. wrigley field in chicago.
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it was an excitementing w weekend -- exciting weekend. >> it was not this quiet saturday night.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. 6:22. walmart is going to pump about $50 million into a service called new data. that is china's largest online they are going to offer a two- hour delivery window on groceries and this increases their footprint in china. this service has more than 25 million customers and they deliver to about 300 cities. the canadian space agency has awarded montreal company an almost $2 million u.s. contract. astro skin is a biomonitorring system designed to collect data
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international space station in 2018. when it comes to holiday shopping, should you wait or go now? >> matt granite shows us some of the hottest holiday gifts and when to buy. >> reporter: i have been preparing for black friday and cyber monday since this past may mainly because i have no life, a wife, and few friends. i care about your wallet more than anyone in the country. brand new ipads prices you will see. before i get to the items that i would and would not buy, in front of me the most requested gift of the holiday season. take a look at your reminder that drones are not a good purchase until november 22. i will have them 80% off. tvs november 24th and wireless headphones the number three request from the viewers mainly in part to the disappearing ports on iphones.
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right now. 78% off. under 40 bucks. i have tested these. no company is paid to talk about these products. they are amazing. if you want to save more money and get your doorbusters early head to our website right now. back to you. >> good deals there. >> yeah. >> 80 -- >> he got it for 40? >> yeah. >> that's crazy. >> we will make sure that information is for you on facebook and our website so you can set the calendar alerts on your phone. >> those drones are going to be big this year. >> um. out in the community. this is part of something we do every year. it's called make a difference day. >> yeah, we were out in tampa. we went out there. we spruced it up. we did some paint. we did some landscaping. we made it look really good for the kids to be able to spend some time there. >> it's really cool. this is sponsored by points of life the arby's foundation and our parent company tegna. folks from our sister stations across the country take part.
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with the yellow paint. >> yeah. thank you. you guys did a great job, too. [ laughter ] >> it's not easy to paint. we had such a beautiful day there and it's so fun to know we were making a difference at that part because it's such a big part of the community. you can see the kids there. >> this is so cute. >> this is the reading room. we have two accidents in pinellas county and we are about to go up drive times are getting heavy. weather not creating any issues this morning. there is not widespread fog. there is not rain we are gonna be tracking through the morning. the commute is looking great. we are going to have to say good-bye for a little while to the nice fall temperatures we have gotten used to over the weekend. i will talk about when a possible 90-degree day will come back. >> these last couple days so nice. why hundreds of baby sea turtles are washing up on florida's east coast.
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throughout our 6 a.m. show. join us on facebook. search ashley i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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good morning. happy monday, october 24th. let's get you out the door. you are problem free out there
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shots with nothing in the way of rain, no fog. 54 carrollwood. 57 degrees your current temperature in clearwater with low 80s in the forecasts. those numbers are starting to creep up a little bit. it gets toasty later in the week. we will talk about that in ten minutes. 6:30 on your monday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. here are your hot spots and they are both in pinellas county this morning. in st. petersburg there is a crash on haines road and this is right near th north. we do have a lane blocked there and i am seeing a slight delay. drive to sky 10, we are going to an accident along 5th avenue at 4th street. so this one is causing some delays as well. we will have a live look for you coming up in less than ten minutes. i also want to take you to your interstates because drive times are definitely getting heavy. good morning. it's monday, october 24th. i am allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. this is your eye opener. a look at today's top stories at 6:30.
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never been to a crash where there has been 13 confirms fatalities. >> a tour bus slams into the back of a semi truck in california. we are going to fix our rigged system. it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. >> some people are sore losers and, you know, we just got to keep going. >> with just 15 days until the election. the presidential candidates campaigning. donald trump will tonight. he will hold a rally at the mid florida credit union amphitheater. moving to florida for medical american. if amendment 2 passes in november, more people are expected to move to the state for it. as we get closer to the general election, there is a watch on what voters in florida decide. we are not talking about just the presidential race but the fight to get medical marijuana legalized here. 10news reporter emerald morrow
6:31 am
this morning. some people are already planning to move, emerald, if this amendment passes? >> reporter: yeah, allison, that's right. some people, for some families it means so much to have access to this drug, to have access to medical marijuana. they are already thinking about moving here to get access to it. it depends so much on what voters decide to do right here at the pos. amendment 2 is geared towards allowing people with serious medical conditions to have access to this drug. the health department would be in ar industry and people could get medical marijuana from regulated dispensaries. there seems to be a lot more support this time around than there was in 2014. a new poll shows more than 70% of voters here in the state are in favor of amendment 2. it represents a growing shift in perspective on the drug and supporters say they are ready to see the law change in their favor. >> i have seen the ads. they are not getting high.
6:32 am
medical cannabis is safer than, i'd say, most pharmaceuticals out there. >> reporter: real estate agents say we could see an increase in people coming to the state to get access to the drug for medical purposes. the woman you just heard from is from georgia and she said she is moving here if this amendment passes. in places like colorado, property values in some areas went up by 10% after the drug was legalized. now, early voting kicks off today. we are gonna start people making decisions about this now. if you are in pinellas county and you want to take advantage of early voting you can do so from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening all the way through november 6. back to you. early voting is underway in most tampa bay counties. pasco and highlands will start october 29. in pinellas county the elections office was open over the weekend accepting mail-in ballots. 37% of those ballots have already been returned. we have more information on
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hillary clinton leading donald trump by three points in florida and trump ahead by three points in texas. today clinton's gonna be back in new hampshire. she's gonna hold a rally with senator elizabeth warren. thursday she will campaign alongside first lady michelle obama. the senate's anti-trust committee will look at the deal for at&t to buy time warner for $85 billion. regulators have yet to approve the deal and that senate subcommittee is gonna hold a hearing on the issue next month. a story we have been staying on top of all throughout the morning. all eastbound lanes of the gandy bridge into tampa are back open after a deadly crash involving a motorcycle. right now we don't know what caused that crash. we will keep you updated on air
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back to square one for construction crews after a natural gas explosion destroyed this house. look at all of the damage. all utilities were immediately shut off to the home to avoid any more. thankfully, nobody was hurt. the damage is worth about $300,000. neighbors say the explosion was so big it shook their home. 6:34. investigators in north carolina are still looking into what may have started a riot inside a prison. one staff member and one inmate were taken to after two separate fires started. the correctional institution is a low-security facility. it was evacuated two weeks ago due to flooding from hurricane matthew. an investigation is underway to figure out what caused a house fire where a three-year-old boy and his dog were killed. a neighbor called 911 when he saw flames coming out of the house. fire crews in washington state say this was one of the hardest fires they have ever had to respond to.
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>> this is one of those calls that as a professional firefighter you just don't forget. >> i saw the fireman crying. he was sitting on the rear bumper of the fire truck. i broke out into tears, too. >> fire crews say the home did not have working smoke detectors. new video into our newsroom. police in madeira, california are looking for a ma at an officer. the officer tried to make a traffic stop, the suspect sped off. we are having a little trouble with the view right now, but the crews are -- there is a lot of damage to that cruiser from the gunfire. thankfully, that officer was not hurt. a crime alert in manatee county after an odd break-in at a popular shopping center. check out this video. deputies say four men wearing halloween masks broke into the puma store at the ellington premium outlet early on sunday
6:36 am
right back out. there were there for a minute grabbing and taking off with as many shoes and clothes as they could. 6:36. you may not agree with dressing up why you are pets for halloween, but talking loo the a this this morning. manatee animal services is teaming with the rescue to get these pets costumes. you don't have to pay adoption fees in the days leading halloween at bradenton and palmetto shelters? the east coast is seeing effects from a storm. hundreds of baby turtles washed up on space coast beaches. they took in 366. volunteers say they were likely born a month or two ago. florida fish and wildlife may launch a boat to bring the surviving turtles back 30 to 35 miles off the coast. that could happen later this week. we have seen gators and
6:37 am
another animal was seen running around. this may surprise you. a dog captures the heart of first responders during rescue efforts in north carolina. the story behind that picture coming up next. we have a crash as well that we are keeping a close eye on. this is third street south and 5th avenue in st. petersburg. you can see it is closing down a couple of those lanes right there. we are gonna check in with road warrior hilary zalla. she is gonna let you know what's happening there and so coming up tonight on 10news and cbs we have kevin can wait at 8:00, then tune in for the series premiere of man with a plan at 8:30. at 92 broke earls followed by odd couple, scorpions add 10 and 10news at 11. we have "the late show with stephen colbert" as well, and
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welcome back. it is 6:40 on your monday. here is your bridge update. it's no surprise we are getting into morning rush hour so the howard frankland bridge is slowing down. it's down to 33 miles per hour just as you get off the bridge at that kennedy airport exit.
6:41 am
which is where we get delayed for rush hour. it's taking you six minutes to cross. and then the gandy is down to 39 miles per hour into tampa. getting a little slow there. your drive time is five minutes. the courtney campbell causeway is taking seven minutes to cross. so far, so good and weather- wise off to a great start as well. take a look at stormtracker 10. we have got nothing going on in the way of rain. just like how we start to start the week. pollen levels moderate range the next several days and it's going to be ragweed if you have sensitivities to that. that's going to be a little bit of an issue for you. looking to get out on the water a little bit on the choppier side of things. moderate chop on the bay. 2-foot seas offshore. those gulf temperatures are cooling down in the 70s. here are some of the stories we are staying on top of for you.
6:42 am
trump are stepping up their efforts. trump will be in florida tonight. clinton campaigns with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren in new hampshire today. a cbs news poll on sunday shows clinton leading trump by three points in the sunshine state and almost tied with the republican nominee in the usually red state of texas. voters in most bay area counties don't have to wait two weeks to make their choice for president. early voting has begun in all the area co pasco and highland counties. those begin on saturday. in pinellas county the elections office was open over the weekend accepting mail-in ballots. 37% of the ballots have already been returned. florida is one of the most critical states in this election. and thousands of new people are moving here, especially this time of year. if amendment 2 passes in november, that number could grow even more. 10news talked with a family who was looking to move for medical marijuana.
6:43 am
this weekend to find an apartment. their son is autistic and hits himself violently. they say high thc cannabis oil helps him stop hitting himself. a check of your headlines. now a look at sports with justin. >> good morning. coming up tonight in 10 sports after the sky was falling, the bucs are just a half game out of first spot with their win over the 49ers. dirk koetter gets the raiders. the lightning continue their road trip tuesday in toronto. we will hear from jon cooper. why not joe maddon? he talks cubbies ahead of game one. and while they were celebrating in chicago over the weekend, kyle schwarber had a party in arizona. the cubs outfielder has been injured all season rehabbing in arizona, hoping to be ready to play in the world series.
6:44 am
he got to celebrate. animal control officers? charlotte, north carolina, they have been helping out animals in need after flooding hit that area. >> after they finished feeding a group of dogs they noticed one of the dogs was running behind their truck. they pulled over. they saw the little guy. they knew that this dog wasn't a stray. >> closed the door. driving down the road. i looked in the mirror. i turned around and that dog is sitting in the >> look at that picture. >> that's a cute photo. >> he was taken back to animal chrome. he is not up for adoption. they are waiting to see if the owner claims him. that's before he would be put up for adoption, they hope to get him back. >> he is like, hey guys, help me get home. i need a little help. all righty. we have a couple of stories. this one really is making the rounds on social media this
6:45 am
hogan's irish bar because there was a pet nearby that got loose. this wasn't just any pet. this was a pet emu. so when the emu got out he wanted to explore and checks things out. this is outside of a bar. folks were hanging out at a popular place on a friday evening. animal control officers were called in to capture the bird. th one deputy said it's like catching a giant chicken. evidently, this is not the first time the emu had gotten out. in 2012, similar incidents happened. the owner said he is friendly but he scares a lot of people. so it's almost like, you know, hey, i've got a dog. hey, i have this emu that may scare you. so make sure you don't go where you are not supposed to.
6:46 am
>> exactly. the emu came back. now all is well monday morning. >> giant chicken. [ laughter ] >> an odd story. we couldn't pass it up. >> , no, no, no. very good. road warrior hilary zalla. a few issues this morning. how is it shaping up? >> no emus out on the road. >> that's good. >> looking at hillsborough county, typical hot spots right now. 275 and i-4. heading south along 275 you are not in the red yet. it is a good time to get out the door. down to 33 miles per passing fowler, fletcher and hillsborough avenue there and then i-4 westbound towards the downtown interchange is down to 22 miles per hour. there is an accident just recorded in north tampa and this actually involves a motorcyclist. it is on fierce avenue at livingston avenue. injuries and one lane blocked there. but there are no delays. you are still in the green there. a new accident in manatee
6:47 am
staff old road -- try to say that ten times fast. there is a lane blocked. traffic is still light along state road 62. live to sky 10, there is a crash in downtown st. petersburg in pinellas county on 3rd street south right at 5th avenue south and it looks like we are heading to another accident right now. hey, you can see 275 running really smoothly through pinellas county. picking up a little bit as you head south. that crash downtown is blocking one lane. you can see you are in the green along 275. your drive time is ten minutes from pinellas point life to gandy boulevard. in polk county not dealing with any accidents but i will tell you that polk parkway is slow down to 44 miles per hour near florida -- right there near bartow road and florida avenue. the i-4 corridor is quiet. drive time is 15 minutes from polk cafe to 75 in tampa. if you have problems on the
6:48 am
that you have a question about or a safety issue on the roads. email me at all right. good money morning. we are out the door with temperatures that are pretty nice once again. 53 in carrollwood. 66 in st. pete. warmest spot we are finding this morning. we are down to 48 degrees right now in crystal river. so a little bit of a fall chill in the air to say the least. right now quiet looking over florida southern college. a great minimal cloud cover. a little bit of that working back in because we are slowly starting to increase our humidity levels. feels nice this morning and for tomorrow morning we will see more of that same with a pattern overall being -- we may get a few clouds, but nothing in the way of shower or thunderstorm chances that would cause you any issues. for the next 48 hours you are looking great and we will get that little taste of cool fall
6:49 am
that slow unklein in terms of get -- incline in terms of getting the numbers back above average the end of the week. temperatures start off around 60 degrees. by around lunchtime we will start to see 74, 75 across much of the area. then late this afternoon temperatures do hit 80 for many of us, or at least close to it. a bunch of upper 70s, as well. still really nice. tomorrow these dew points, it's a measure of humidity that we use when these low. we get the cool crisp feeling. when they are up near 70 degrees we have that ugh, it's florida, it's awful, it's muggy for three months kind of feel. no more of that. those numbers are gonna creep up over the next 48 hours. temperatures are not quite as cool especially in the mornings. you will notice a big difference there in the coming days. for today we are looking very, very nice. this afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80
6:50 am
then we start to warm things up by tomorrow afternoon. we are back in the mid 80s. tomorrow morning gonna feel really nice. we will start off again around 60 degrees, similar to what we're seeing today. overnight temperatures come upens with, thursday, and on into the weekend as well. even with the extra boost of moisture, not talking about much in the way of rain chances. they come back in the forecast thursday, friday, and even then we e that goes up to only 20% for the second half of the weekend. make sure you check out our 10 weather forecast with our newspaper partners. catch that forecast in your copy of the "tampa bay times" and if you live in polk county you see it in "the ledger." president obama is lonnered -- honored by the music industry. we have that for you in a few minutes. 6:51. downtown st. pete 61 degrees.
6:51 am
get outside if you can. we are back with news, weather, and traffic for ya in three
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
6:54 am
a new concern for families of young athletes. researchers in north carolina seeing measurable changes found in the brains of young football players after one season on the field. this was the case even with students who concussions. doctors say the new data shows the need for further study on the impact on long-term health. president obama had a pretty good weekend. usher, common, and bill scott sang for him over the weekend. it was in partnership with bet networks and features a dozen performers that came together to celebrate the president's eight years in office. bet is going to broadcast the entire night of music. you can watch it november 15. check this out.
6:55 am
house. you recognize this guy in bill murray at the podium. decked out in cubs gear talking about the championship series. murray had been invited to the white house on saturday after wing the drive for american humor. matt lablanc has a new come by called "man with a plan." >> the golden globe award winner plays a dad who starts spending more time with his kids when his wife goes back to work when he discovers his little angels are not angelic. we had a great weekend on saturday. >> yeah, we got together and 10news was a sponsor of the chrohn's walk for chrohn's and colighters. we had viewers come out. a big team set up from 10news. we had about a thousand people at the event. it raised $80,000. >> that's awesome. >> that goes to crucial
6:56 am
digestive diseases. i actually have chrohn's disease, so this meant so much to me. >> it was wonderful you got to share your story. i thought that was really cool of you to do. >> thanks. this is such a silent disease. you wouldn't know if someone had it. it's all happening inside of you and you have pain or if you are feeling tired. it was good to get the word out to raise more awareness about it. >> it was a great turnout. >> you have information about it how folks can donate or help? >> exactly. go to my facebook page. you can still donate. >> yeah. >> very cool. so if you are heading out the door i want to take you to hillsborough county. there is a crash involving a motorcyclist that a little more serious than we thought. there was serious injuries here. so careful there. and let's go live to sky 10 on memorial highway. there is an accident approaching 275. out the door this morning
6:57 am
it is going to start warming up for the second half of the work week. find time to get outside because by tomorrow we are seeing the temperatures climbing. thanks for joining us this morning. hope you have a great day. we have weather and tr amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do.
6:58 am
seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? the u.n. gives hillary clinton a double-digit lead. donald trump heads to florida, telling voters not to believe the polls. a horrifying casino bus crash kills 13 in the california desert. the bus ended up 15 feet inside of a big rig. the truck's driver reveals what happened at the moment of impact. >> thousands of soldiers received cash bonuses to


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